Frequently Asked Questions

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I am not too familiar with Roller Screws, are they a proven and reliable actuator?
Yes to both questions: Roller Screws have been produced since the early 1950's and their utmost reliability is the reason why they are prefered when repair or replacement is very costly or even impossible, such as in Space or Nuclear power plants or even Medical Prosthetics.
I was just quoted a roller screw: It was more than 2x the price I pay for my Ball Screw :How come?
It is correct that the upfront cost of roller screws is quite often much higher, but you should look to the lifetime cost which is the real investment cost.
I have been using Hydraulic actuators for many years. I am intrigued: Should I consider Roller Screws?
Definitely! Roller Screws Actuators are lighter: They have a smaller footprint and a larger power density and their maintenance costs are very minimal. Just a small caveat: Hydraulic actuators handle compressive load better than tension loads: Roller Screws behave just the opposite way! We would gladly help you to shift.
What is the range of sizes you currently manufacture?
We make Screws with diameters ranging from 3.5mm ( about 1/8" ) to 150mm ( about 6" ) and lead from 1mm to 30mm. We have even designed and manufactured Roller Screws with a lead of thread of less than 25 Microns (0.001 Inch).
How old is Rollvis and where do they sell?
Rollvis is over 40 years old and and sells in over 40 countries on the five continents.
Where are the Satellite Roller Screws manufactured?
They are manufactured in Plan-les-Ou√Ętes, a suburb of Geneva; They are air-shipped directly to your door, all duties and taxes prepaid and invoiced in US or CDN dollars.
Is your Company ISO certified?
Yes, Rollvis is currently certified ISO 9001/2000 and ASD-EASE EN9100, the latter one as a recognized Aerospace Supplier.